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Track Electronics - Specialists in Motorcyle Engine Installations

Dynojet UK Motec GI-pro w/Atre



Why Dyno My Bike? To ensure the fuel & ignition systems are operating correctly, this could be after a modification to the bike (replacement exhaust/ air filter etc), you may suspect something is wrong (i.e. higher fuel consumption/ down on power), or simply curiosity - who doesnt want to know how much power their bike is actually making.

How does it work? A diagnostic session costs £40 (excl vat), We carry out a number of runs at different rpm's & throttle positions. From this our dyno software produces a graph plotting BHP, Torque and Fuel/Air against Revs from which we can see exactly how the engine is performing. In the majority of cases there is absolutely nothing wrong and the customer goes away reassured. print-outs of all your dyno runs are avalible at no extra cost.

If there is an issue the options are discussed, it can be as simple as using a free-flowing airfilter through to fitting a device (i.e the Dynojet Power Comander) that allows the fuel/ignition mapping to be altered and set up. If extra work is required and we are asked to do it then we do not charge for the initial diagnostic runs.

We also have the software to enable us to adjust the bikes ECU itself on the following machines, Aprilia/ Benelli/ Buell/ Ducati/ Kawasaki/ KTM/ Moto Guzzi/ Suzuki/ Triumph & Yamaha, meaning you simply pay for the set-up dyno time.

Why Use Us? - There are a few dyno’s around, what makes us unique.

Our knowledge - we specialize in bike fuel injection & associated electrical work, having worked within the race environment for 15 years & more recently with road riders. We realize the electronic side of modern bikes is increasing in complexity year on year which is why we stick to this area alone, we promise not to try and sell you a tax disc holder, floppy ears or set of annodised bolts whilst your in with us! 

Our Dyno - we don’t use some wheezy old machine designed 5 or 10 years ago squeezed into a cramped, poorly ventilated room. Our dyno was built by Dynapro Ltd in the UK (Dyno suppliers to Honda UK & the MRO National Race Series) to our specification. Its Eddy Current Load Cell, Low Inertia Roller, Extended Wheelbase & Up-To-The-Minute Engine Analysing Software put us at the forefront of engine management, enabling us to work on dragbikes and racing sidecar outfits as well as solo machines.

Our Enthusaism - Watching a bike on the dyno is fascinating and gives you the rider an insight into what your machine is going through when you give it some beans! We encourage you to sit in on the run (though its not compulsory), We gaurantee you'll never neglect you chain adjustment again when you've seen what it's going through at full throttle.

What Can It Do For You?

Standard Machines - In this scenario gains in outright brake-horsepower are not always obtained (though we usually see a slight increase) but the midrange drive out of a corner & off-to-on throttle pickup is greatly improved, making the machine more useable. Additionally it’s often the case that fuel is taken away from a map to increase performance, actually reducing fuel consumption, truly something for nothing!

Modified Machines - A different exhaust, air filter or even some engine tuning means the original mapping is even further out.  Correct mapping of a modified machine should see real benefits in power & torque.

Fault Diagnosis - Fuel Injection & Ignition faults are some of the most frustrating to trace and fix, luckily we’ve been doing it for years, and with our new load control dyno enabling us to hold a bike at any rpm/speed/throttle position, we take fault diagnosis to a new level.

Prices (excl vat @20%)
Diagnostic/ Power Runs (Inc Print-Out) £40.00                                                        Full ECU Custom Mapping From £225.00                                                                  Power Commander Supply/Fit/Load Base Map: £360.00          
Power Commander Supply/Fit/Full Dyno Custom Setup: £510.00                         
Fuel Injection Setup (PC Not Supplied/Fitted By Us): £180.00           
All other Dyno work per hour @ £40.00