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Dynojet UK Motec GI-pro w/Atre

Bike Enginned Cars

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With higher rev limits, greater power-to-weight ratio's and sequential gearbox's the modern bike engine makes the ideal choice for car racers. Additionally, the area's where the engine is most restricted on a bike (exhaust length and airbox size) are easily overcome in a car. Incorporating systems like the Dynojet Power Commander into your instalation or a stand alone ECU such as MoTeC, allows control of fuelling/ignition in a user friendly package. There are however drawbacks:

* Modern Motorbike Fuel Injection Systems use a number of low voltage precision sensors plus On/Off Switch's to manage the Fuel/Ignition curve and Rev Limit. The way components like the Clutch & Sidestand wiring/ Gear Position Systems and Engine Parameter Sensors (Throttle Position/Engine Pressure & Temp etc) are wired up all affect the functions within the ECU.

To overcome these and other problems we offer a push in/drive out service for the car racer, You can choose from either:

Our work over a number of years has given us the specialist knowledge to get the most from your chosen engine installation, proven by our recently being chosen by Ralph Firman (Van Diemen Racing fame) to carry out the complete electrical instalation on his new F1000 single seat racer www.rfrcars.com  Some of the more interesting are listed below:

Give us a call, see what we can offer you.