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Dynojet UK Motec GI-pro w/Atre

Road/Race Instruments, Gear indication systems, Data logging

AIM MXL Dash/Logger Stand Alone Logger GIPro Gear Indicator


The range of race and road instrumentation/datalogging availible for bike racers is increasing almost weekly from the simple capillary temperature gauge through to MotoGP stlye dash/ dataloggers units.

We are happy to advice for your project & if required to carry out the complete install on the bike & software setup on your laptop, additionally we offer trackside support for all our customers.

We are particular fans of the AIM range of loggers, the EVO 4 is perfect for bikes, its small size allows it to be installed where it's not likely to be damaged in a crash & the latest firmware takes data (temperatures/ speed) straight off the bike ECU. We use this system ourselves and support a number of riders who have it fitted.

From our experience an initial instalation should include: GPS/ RPM/ Throttle Position/ Lambda/ Front & Rear Supension Travel & Velocities & Rear Wheel Speed. This will allow critical analysis of engine and suspension performance. The next step would be to add Front Wheel Speed & Front Brake pressure for more detailed analysis.

Please contact us for more information.