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With last generation pre-injection bikes it was possible to "rope" something together between you and your mates to get your bike running, stripping out the lights, all the road stuff and ignition cut-outs wasn't overly difficult though occasionally it still went wrong!

The latest generation Fuel Injected (FI) bikes however do not suffer such indignities lightly. Modern systems use low voltage precision sensors to measure basic parameters on your bike, even a fairly basic FI system monitors the following: -

These are the basics for most bikes (all the Japanese/Italian/British manufacturers), additionally many are now fitting lambda oxygen sensors into the exhaust, giving complete "full loop" control of both fuelling and ignition. These sensors feed back to you bikes brain, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which controls your bikes fuelling and ignition dependant on the information it receives.

Poor soldering, dodgy crimps and chafed cables play havoc with the output from these sensors, without correct information the ECU is left to best guess, hardly ideal when trying to gain every last ounce of performance from your engine!

 Additionally, with the latest models now incorporating Electronic Throttles controlled by the ECU, Quality of work is absolutely essential to ensure that when you ask for the throttle to be closed, It Is!


We offer an unparelled Electrical Fault Diagnostics Service based on 10 years experience working with Modern Motorcycles & Fuel Injection since it was introduced my mainstream motorbike manufacturers in the late 1990's.

This Service is offered at £45 per hour (+ vat @20%), when the fault has been identified, you have the option to either:

: Take the bike away & replace the faulty component yourself


: Have us supply & replace it for an agreed up-front price.

Addionally we supply Non Immobilised ECU'S for all late Japaneese Sports Bikes inc CBR600RR/1000RR/ GSXR600/ 750/1000/ ZX10R/ 6R/ R1/ R6