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Track Electronics - Specialists in Motorcyle Engine Installations

Dynojet UK Motec GI-pro w/Atre

ECU Tuning/ Flashing.


Track Electronics can now tune/ reflash most manufacturers ECU's - allowing us almost complete control of all aspects of Engine Management - Fueling/ Ignition/ Engine Braking/ Idle Speed even the temperatures the fans come on & go off at - We can also switch off any unwanted warning lights (EXUP/ Steering Damper/ O2 etc).  

We have been at the forfront of this technology in the UK now for 10 years now, originally some of the software was pretty unreliable and the resuts weren't always predictable!. We now use six trusted software packages (which package we use is dependent on which bike we are tuning).

Most company's offering this service in the UK dont even have a dyno (check out E-Bay) - they simply take your ECU, reflash with something that "could" be right & send it back -  we include a full dyno setup/ diagnostics session prices starting from £225 (excl VAT).

Models we tune via the ECU include: